Read GIVING BUSINESS and discover…

how we have been doing so many things in counter-productive ways (and what we can be doing instead)

how you can maximize your personal, social and enterprise impact to shape our world in new ways

how you can establish a giving culture in your business that leads to lasting success and enjoyment

Understanding your true potential


Improving the way you create great results in life and in business takes variety of effort.

It can be overwhelming.

By taking the IMPACT TEST and reading GIVING BUSINESS book, you discover simple and specific ways to improve the outcomes of your actions and find more meaning in what you do.


  • As a thought leader in the field of Giving Businesses, Masami Sato gives practical examples of how to build a business that gives, supports and looks after others without sacrifice or loss. A must read for anyone that cares about the world we leave behind.

    Nick Haines
  • A compelling book that might just change your meaning of being successful! ‘Giving Business’ is essential reading for anyone with the purpose of living a truly connected life and business, how to create the most rewarding journey you can ever have, and how to be part of creating a world that you truly want to belong to.

    Else Vistisen
  • ..a business book that is jam-packed full of great, easy to implement ideas, unique insights and revolutionary thinking; helping you create remarkable change. A must read for those who want to make a difference to yourself, team, business and wider world.

    Aynsley Damery
  • A beautifully honest and inspiring book, weaving personal, social and entrepreneurial development together in a fresh new way. With a multitude of practical and easy to implement tips and examples for self- and business-improvement. A must read for all socially conscious entrepreneurs.

    Jane Aylwin
  • 'Giving Business' weaves together Masami's own inspiring story with a serious analysis into what drives 'business as usual'. This is a real eye-opener, backed up with practical guidance and inspiring examples.

    Matthew Newnham
  • A profoundly important book that every business owner must read. It will open your eyes to an exciting and joyful future, and make it remarkably simple to make your business more successful and impactful than you ever dared to imagine.

    Steve Pipe

About Masami Sato

MasamiSato-headshot-roundMasami Sato is a social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of the global giving initiative, Buy1GIVE1 (B1G1), and author of three books: ‘JOY—The Gift of Acceptance, Trust and Love’, ‘ONE—Sharing the Joy of Giving’ and ‘GIVING BUSINESS—Creating the maximum impact in a meaning-driven world’. She is also a mother of two children and is a two-time TEDx speaker.

Masami’s unique insights and methodologies are cultivated from the mixture of her Japanese heritage and her diverse experiences traveling around the world, working in many different industries and countries. Her keen interest and appreciation for different philosophies, concepts and ideologies of our world combined with her practical business experience has helped form the new and innovative ways B1G1 allows businesses and individuals to give and impact lives today. Since its founding in 2007, businesses and individuals working with B1G1 have created more than 78 million giving impacts.

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

Marcel Proust